30 Year Employee Retires After Successful Career

February 20, 2017

Peg Watson, RN, Quality Improvement Coordinator with Memorial Healthcare, retired after 30 years of dedicated service on Thursday, February 16.

After graduating number one in the class from the Nursing School at Black Hawk College in Moline, Illinois, Peg moved to Michigan and began working for Memorial Healthcare on its medical floor on June 1, 1987. Peg worked as a staff nurse, relief charge nurse, and preceptor.

In 1991, Peg was asked to be part of the team to review different computer systems for the hospital. Upon choosing the system, Meditech, Peg joined the team to build and implement the new program.

“In 1993, I joined the Information Services department as the Clinical Nurse Analyst after declining the position three times,” says Watson with a laugh. In 2014, she joined the Quality Improvement team, as its Quality Improvement Coordinator.

Peg has two sons, Jared (Jennifer) McCreight and Andy (Amanda) McCreight, and five grandsons, Caleb, Connor, Austin, Patrick, and Oliver. She also has one stepson, Jeremy (Kelly) Watson, three step-grandchildren and one great grandchild.

Now that she’s retired, Peg will embark on a cruise and looks forward to spending time with her family. Eventually she will move back to Illinois to take care of her mother.

“I have loved working at Memorial Healthcare. The employees are some of the best people around. They have been my second family. When I came to Michigan in 1987, I had offers from all of the hospitals in the area, but I chose Memorial Healthcare because it felt like home. It’s been like that ever since. I’m proud to say that I’ve worked at Memorial Healthcare and I will miss it.”