Memorial Healthcare is an independent, not-for-profit hospital providing both inpatient and outpatient services to residents in and around the greater Shiawassee County, Michigan, region.

Memorial is governed by a volunteer board which maintains fiduciary responsibility for corporate assets and policies. The Memorial Healthcare board is comprised of representatives from the community, the Memorial Healthcare Auxiliary, the Memorial Healthcare Foundation and the medical staff.

Board of Trustees (2016)



                                 Tony Young - Chair

                                   Aaron Maike

                               Aaron Maike, Vice-Chair


                          Wilfred "Bill" Farrell -  Treasurer



                               Gregory Bontrager, Secretary




                                Ronald Bishop, DO



                         Joseph Bustamante, DO


                                 James Civille


                                  Dale Espich 


                                  Frank Fear



                            Michael Kramer, DO


                        Hon. Gerald Lostracco


                          Brian L. Long, FACHE
                       Memorial President & CEO



                         Anthony Patsy, DO 


                      Michael P. Schmidt, DO                                             


 Executive Team (2016)

          brian long

                     Brian L. Long - President & CEO

                              Jim Barb

                        Jim Barb - Vice President        
                 Performance Improvement/Quality 



                       Amy Blaising-Wallace, DO
          Vice President, Memorial Medical Associates



                Matt Hufnagel - Executive Director
                 Memorial Healthcare Foundation

                           Tom Kurtz

                                  Tom Kurtz
            Vice President of Information Services/CIO


                      Chris Lawrence, BSN, JD
                           General Counsel


                                Debbie Dover
                  Vice President - Human Resources



         Jim Nemeth, FACHE - Senior Vice President  
        Patient Care Services/Chief Operating Officer



                              Robert Sundelius
      Senior Vice President of Practice Management



       Colleen Koppenhaver, CPA, FACHE, FHFMA
                         Chief Financial Officer