Care and Teamwork Renders Recognition

August 29, 2016

Initially drawn in by the offer to pay for RN school, Pat Root’s time at Memorial Healthcare did not end after her required two-year commitment. Twenty-six years later, she is still here.

She remembers starting and immediately thinking how friendly the environment was. She noticed how well everyone worked together and how many opportunities there were to grow.

And when her husband was diagnosed with cancer, she was pleased to be able to move to the cancer unit and be closer to his care.

“He was getting chemo here. So, [Memorial Healthcare] offered me the opportunity to work in the cancer unit, so I could be there when he was getting his treatment,” she said. “It was comforting to know I could be there. He felt better for it.”

It was also the experience she garnered in the cancer unit that put her on the path to explore the world Endoscopy; finding a passion and earning her current position as Associate Manager of the Endoscopy Unit.

When the unit outgrew their old building, Pat and her team were highly involved in the development of the new office. With their input, the new office became more user friendly, something which Pat credits for generating strong patient satisfaction throughout the nine years the unit’s been stationed in the Medical Arts Building.

Further helping tremendous patient satisfaction is the team as a whole.

“I just know my team, they love their work,” Pat said. “They love the patients. They love what we do.”

She fondly recalls a moment where a patient learned they had cancer. A coworker asked him what they could do to make him feel better. The patient responded that a handstand would – and just like that, the coworker sprung into action and did a handstand.

All of this passion and the team’s hard work helped the Endoscopy Unit earn a unit of recognition from the American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy. They are one of eight within Michigan that earned the recognition.

“Honestly, I can’t think of any place I’d rather work,” she said. You can tell [Memorial Healthcare] wants to make this the best hospital it can be. The hospital takes care of its employees, and the employees take care of the patients. We make sure we do the best that we can because we want the hospital to succeed. We have some things I know bigger hospitals don’t have. The whole, complete care is right here.”