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Job Listings

The healthcare industry attracts people that want to serve others. At Memorial Healthcare, we embody that feeling. Our people are the greatest asset we have, and the way they connect with our patients and our community is crucial to our existence.

An employee in this position provides direct care to residents in a Home for the Aged (HFA) Assisted Living and Memory Care environment by assisting them with activities of daily living.  An employee in this position works under the supervision of the Executive Director, Wellness Manager, Nursing Staff and Shift Supervisor as warranted and strives for superior performance by consistently providing a product or service to leadership and staff that is recognized as ultimately contributing to the patient and family experience.  Resident Care Assistants recognize and demonstrate an understanding of patient and family centered care.

  • Experience preferred, training provided
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Scrubs provided
  • Unlimited opportunities to learn and grow
  • Great opportunity for healthcare students
  • Great part time positions for Moms and Dads

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We value commitment.
Our hospital community, our Memorial family, our patients: they all require a team of professionals that are committed to their needs. Our most qualified candidates care deeply and are committed to the needs of those groups.

We value compassion.
Our compassionate, personalized care comes before everything else. We don’t want to simply serve our patients. We want to know them. We don’t just want to diagnose and treat. We want to understand what diagnosis and treatment means to them and to their family. Compassion is a crucial value for anyone seeking a position or job opportunity at Memorial Healthcare.

It’s about life.
Quality of life, the lives of our patients, and what’s really important to them. We care about their lives and, even more important, it shows.

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