Nurse Residency Program

As your career begins there is so much to do and learn, but truly great opportunities are rare.  The new graduate Nurse Residency Program at Memorial Healthcare can put you on the path to achieve your career’s most far reaching goals.  Here you will be surrounded by and working with some of the profession’s most passionate and dedicated individuals, helping you along your path.

New Graduate Nurse Residency Program

The program is offered twice annually, with each program lasting six months.  The residency provides several key components/resources:

• Orientation to medical/surgical, ER, CCU, and PCU
• Monthly education sessions to ensure growth of the resident
• Unit based orientation and educational programs
• Unit based preceptors
• Clinical nurse specialists and clinical educators
• Paid six month Residency 
• Additional compensation to assist in student loan repayment

New Graduate Nurse Residency Commitment

• Participate in one resident education session per month
• Fulfill all of the professional requirements of the nursing staff on an assigned clinical service
• Adhere to all hospital guidelines
• Develop and utilize mentor relationships to support professional development

The RN Residency Program facilitates a smooth transition from student   into the new role of the graduate nurse. We at Memorial Healthcare are committed to providing life-long learning, growth and development of nurses with the aim of advancing the nursing profession and providing a competent work-force to care for our acutely ill patients.

Requrements for Nurse Residency

Thank you for your interest in the Memorial Healthcare Nurse Residency program. The next page will take you to the job application. You will be required to answer the following question: "How could admission to our Nurse Residency Program help you contribute to the profession of nursing?" We also require two (2) letters of recommendations from current and/or former nursing instructors. You can also upload your resume on the following page. Click here to join our team!