Emergency Room Renovation Nears Completion

January 30, 2017

The multi-million dollar renovation to Memorial Healthcare’s emergency room, which began last fall, is nearing a February completion.  

The renovation touches every square foot of the emergency room. While no one wants to find themselves in an emergency room, if you do experience an unfortunate accident requiring a visit, the renovation will help Memorial Healthcare help you more efficiently. 

With the new renovation, upon arrival, patients will now check-in with a licensed paramedic. No longer will there be a check-in with a receptionist in a common lounge area. Upon checking in with the paramedic, patients are then taken to one of the six distinct treatment areas best suited to their needs. It’s this new feature that Tyler Yaklin, Emergency Department Nurse Manager, says will really set Memorial Healthcare apart from other hospitals. Having a licensed paramedic be a patient’s first encounter is not a common attribute among emergency rooms.

The renovation is also changing the emergency room’s entire floor plan, transforming it from a horseshoe-like layout, to a complete circle. The circle acts as a workflow improvement, allowing the nurses to focus more on the patient and remain at their bedside more often. 

The triage area is also undergoing a redesign. The area will now be spilt into two. Triage acts as the first step for a patient’s treatment in an emergency room visit. Having two rooms allows the nurses to allocate patients to the room best suited to them based on injury/emergency. For example, if two patients come in where one has a finger laceration and the other is experiencing chest pain, they can be designated to the different areas and be properly monitored based on their injury. 

Perhaps the biggest conversion in the renovation is the patient rooms becoming private. It’s a strong, positive addition, as patients will no longer be subject to the conversations and circumstances occurring with other emergency room patients. 

The renovation helps nurses perform treatment more effectively, which in turn offers an improved patient experience. The redesign focuses on efficiency, from which patients will surely benefit. The entire emergency room will be a far more comfortable environment. Incoming patients will receive faster, improved care. Memorial Healthcare is very excited for the renovation’s completion and its beneficial treatment impact to its communities. 


The ER renovations were graciously funded by Memorial Healthcare Foundation and its donors. The foundation is commited to supporting medical advancements and serving the Shiawasee County community.