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Silver Stars

Silver Stars is a community campaign to raise awareness for early detection and screening of cancer. We have all been touched by a friend, co-worker, loved one or neighbor who was diagnosed with cancer. With early detection and screening, many cancer-related issues can be treated and beaten.

Now, more than ever, the need for no-cost or low-cost cancer screenings* is critical. We can save lives with early detection and screening. This is a time when we can all make a difference in our community – simply by becoming a Silver Star.

“When people have cancer, they come to see me – a doctor. I can offer tests, medicines and treatments, but people don’t want to see a doctor when they are not sick. This is why education and outreach from the community to the community is important. Friends listen to friends. Neighbors listen to neighbors. The impact you can make in the early detection and prevention of cancer is far greater than any treatment I, or any other medical provider, can give. Silver Stars is a wonderful effort, and I cannot stress its importance enough.”

Hesham Gayar, MD (Radiation Oncologist)

For information about upcoming cancer screenings, call 989.729.4786. Silver Stars funds are available for screenings not covered by insurance, as long as funds are available.

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