Free Volunteer Hospice Training Begins

September 12, 2017

Memorial Healthcare’s Hospice team will offer a free, 3-week, volunteer training course beginning September 19. The course will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 am until 12 pm.

This course will offer volunteers the opportunity to learn about what hospice is and many other skills including sensitive communication, infection control, grief and bereavement, and the role of each hospice member involved.  Volunteers will meet with all of the hospice team members to learn each role and its importance.

“We value this course because its content gives each volunteer a better perspective of the hospice concept, and how each patient is treated with a team approach from all disciplines,” said Connie Henige, Coordinator of Hospice Volunteers.

Volunteers provide companionship and socialize with hospice patients, as well as running patient errands and light housework if needed.  Memorial’s Hospice team also has a pet therapy program and flower ministry that volunteers can get involved in.  “This volunteer opportunity is great for anyone who has a love for helping people and is 18 years or older,” said Henige.

“Volunteering for hospice is different than other volunteer opportunities because with hospice you are assisting a patient and their family in a journey.  It’s about living and quality of life,” said Henige.  “I enjoy working with hospice because we can assist patient and families to have quality of life until the last minute.  Hospice is about “the living” and we, as a team, truly approach each patient with this concept.  I also enjoy my volunteers as they truly feel like family to me.  I always tell my volunteers we are truly blessed to have such a wonderful group because they don’t have to be here, but are here because they want to be and realize the importance of helping others in a journey.

“Whether you have an hour or several to give, every little bit adds up to a wonderful experience for our patients, families and you,” said Henige.

To register or for questions, please call Henige at (989) 729-4271.