From Clerk to Specialist, Hard Work is Recognized

August 15, 2016

Kortnee Davis was born and raised in Owosso. While growing up, she remembers family and friends working at Memorial Healthcare who always offered positive comments about their experience. Long before her employment at Memorial Healthcare, the hospital was already familiar.

She entered college with the desire to become a nurse. It was during her nursing coursework she discovered it wasn’t exactly her passion, however the aspiration to help others and work within healthcare remained.

Her first job out of college was a Dialysis Technician. When considering her career long-term, she just didn’t see herself there in the future. That’s when she set her sights on the place she always heard about growing up.

“I wanted to fulfill myself and go work for Memorial,” she said. “I wanted to take the chance and become a member of that team.”

And become a member of Memorial Healthcare she did. She started at Memorial a little over four years ago as a Registration Clerk.

“I definitely knew I wanted to be here a long time when I first started,” she said. “I fell in love with everyone who works here. The experience of making the patients feel appreciated makes me work harder.”

It was her hard work and drive to help her patients and her team that recently earned her a promotion to Patient Access Specialist.

“It makes me feel appreciated and rewarded for my hard work,” she said. “It’s been a good experience here for my career.”

In this role, she interacts directly with patients who enter Memorial Healthcare. Her department is the first line patients see when entering the hospital. She checks them in, helps direct patients where to go, assesses billing situations, preps surgical charts, and much, much more.

“Our team has to be on top of what we’re doing all the time,” she said. “We are the welcoming faces. Without great teamwork things wouldn’t get done.”

It’s the department’s outstanding teamwork that enhances a patient’s overall experience at Memorial Healthcare. Kortnee strives for the extra step that achieves patient satisfaction. Eliminating a patient’s anxiety is always her goal.

“It’s rewarding when [patients] come in and get teary over something that seems simple to us because we do it every day,” she said.

Memorial Healthcare is Kortnee’s home away from home. She refers to her coworkers as one big family. She envisions a long career here, building relationships and helping patients. For her, Owosso and Memorial Healthcare is a small community, but a big family.

“It’s awesome working in a small community and being able to know everybody,” she said. “I love who I work with. I can definitely see myself working here forever.”