Every fourth Tuesday in March, the American Diabetes Association celebrates American Diabetes Alert Day.  This one-day event urges the American public to take the Diabetes Risk Test, an online test that helps individuals discover if they are at risk for developing type 2 diabetes.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, there are currently 30 million Americans who have type 2 diabetes.  Of those, a whopping seven million are unaware they have the disease.  Although the ADA encourages Americans to take the Diabetes Risk Test on Diabetes Alert Day, the test is available all year long on the ADA’s website. Each test determines your risk and provides you with useful tips and guidelines based on individual results.

Risk factors for Type 2 diabetes include the following:

  • Obesity – Obesity is the number one risk factor for developing Type 2 diabetes.
  • Genetics If there is a family history of Type 2 diabetes, your chances increase.
  • Race and Ethnicity – Being African American, Hispanic/Latino, American Indian or Asian American can increase your risk.
  • Pregnancy and gestational diabetes – If you developed gestational diabetes during your pregnancy, you are more at risk for developing Type 2 diabetes later in life.
  • Age – Although children can develop Type 2 diabetes, those over 45 have the highest risk.
  • Gender — Men are twice as likely to have undiagnosed diabetes as women.
  • Other health issues — If you have high blood pressure, your risk doubles.
  • Sedentary lifestyle — Stay active and you can decrease your risk by 30 percent.

Don’t wait! Take the test today! With just a few moments, you could potentially save your life (or the life of someone you know). This simple test could help you or your loved one live a healthy and happy life.  To take the Type 2 Diabetes Risk Test, please click here.

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