Brain injuries have seen a surge in awareness among the sports news cycles. More players are speaking out about it and some are even retiring earlier citing brain injury worries. Sports leagues are enacting new rules and developing better equipment to curtail brain injury susceptibility among players. Research has truly shined new light on the seriousness and detrimental effects associated with brain injuries.

Brain injuries aren’t solely reserved for athletes, however. The attention on the brain sweeping through the sports world is beneficial, though, as it provides prominent emphasis on the brain for society to ruminate on. More than 3.5 million children and adults sustain an acquired brain injury a year, because of far more than just sports. Substance abuse, trauma, shock, falls, car crashes, assaults and more can all produce a brain injury.

As attention and awareness gain traction, research and treatment are also improving. Research, treatment, and support speeds recovery for the millions of Americans who survive traumatic brain injuries each year.

Technological advancements have also been a major boon in studying brain injuries and disorders. Recently, Memorial Healthcare added LesionQuant to its repertoire. This cutting-edge machine provides optimized, easy-to-read lesion and brain structure reports that visualize lesions and lesion change. It improves how our neurology team can monitor and treat Multiple Sclerosis.

Memorial Healthcare strives to remain at the forefront of emerging technology, to bring the most optimized care and treatment to our patients. We’re as serious as a brain injury about this desire – and the LesionQuant addition shows that.

Institute for Neurosciences & Multiple Sclerosis comprises providers Dr. Rany Aburashed, Dr. Margaret Frey, and Dr. Cara Leahy. All three are experts in the neurology field with extensive experience. Services and conditions treated include: Dementia, Epilepsy, movement disorders, Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke management, and much.

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