Memorial Healthcare offers a comprehensive breast health program with screening as our foundation. In the event a suspicious area is identified through digital mammography, 80% of those identified are benign. If a biopsy is needed, we have the tools available to best suit your needs and your unique case such as MRI guided breast biopsy, Ultrasound breast biopsy, and Stereotactic biopsy. You may also be referred for a breast MRI.

Memorial Healthcare is recognized by the American College of Radiology as a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence.

Did You Know?

MRI of the breast offers valuable information about many breast conditions that cannot be obtained by other imaging modalities, such as mammography or ultrasound. MRI of the breast is not a replacement for mammography or ultrasound imaging but rather a supplemental tool for detecting and staging breast cancer and other breast abnormalities.

Stereotactic Biopsy is a biopsy procedure that uses a computer and imaging performed in at least two planes to localize a target lesion, such as a tumor or microcalcification in the breast. This provides a 3-dimensional image of the space and guides the removal of tissue for examination by a pathologist under a microscope. Every step of the way, a friendly member of the Memorial Healthcare staff will guide and navigate you through our program to ensure all of your questions are answered and needs are met.

We also provide massage therapy for stereotactic breast biopsy patients who are interested. This program is generously funded by The Memorial Healthcare Foundation..

To schedule procedures, please contact our Call Center at 989-729-6422.


Memorial Healthcare has been recognized by industry leaders for excellence in meeting or exceeding patient care standards as well as for its use of technology to address patient care, patient safety, and service quality.

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The Diagnostic Imaging department at Memorial Healthcare provides the latest imaging services including digital mammography and ultrasound services to all Michigan residents including the counties of Shiawassee, Ingham, Saginaw, Bay and Clinton. We are proud to offer the latest imaging services to communities surrounding Alma, Bay City, Flint, Lansing, Owosso, Saginaw and St. Johns.