It’s nearly winter. Some may be excited about that and some may be upset. What everyone should be united about regarding winter, however, is remaining healthy during the season.

Winter provides some challenges to keeping your health in good standing. In the winter season, the temperatures drop, and the windows close, setting the stage for an environment that allows viruses to thrive. Furthermore, sunlight becomes rare and getting outside becomes harder. It can be a dismal season for our health, both physically and mentally. As we continue to make our way through the autumn season, let’s look ahead to winter and plan how we can sustain good health through the cold months.

You can reduce the risk of obtaining the flu simply through vaccination. This should be how you kick off your winter health plan.

Be Generous with The Hand Sanitizer
It’s a good idea to keep that hand sanitizer extra close in the winter season. It’s the perfect alternative when you are unable to wash your hands. A little squirt and then 10 to 15 seconds of rubbing can nearly eliminate all the germs you may have collected. Think of all the people and things you encounter a day. Just because you are doing a good job staying healthy doesn’t mean everyone else is.

Put Extra Focus on Your Diet
Consuming foods that are high in vitamin C will bolster your immune system through the cold season. If you typically slack on including fruits and vegetables in your diet, put in the effort to eat them during the winter. Look at healthy eating in the winter this way: you get a head start on that summer beach bod!

Join A Club
Winter is an easy time to cloister oneself away – which isn’t always optimal for mental health. Joining a club of some sort, whether it’s a book club or basketball league, will keep you social and keep you moving. Plus, it’ll help reduce your stress levels, which in turn improves your immune system.

Stock Up on Supplies to Maintain the Driveway/Sidewalk
Let’s not forget about how winter’s elements can easily cause injuries due to slips and falls. Start shopping for that shovel, stock up on salt, or find a plow service now. You don’t want to end up in an emergency room because your driveway and sidewalks weren’t properly maintained.