Successful cancer treatment heavily relies on early detection, before symptoms are evident. Detecting breast cancer means undergoing a mammogram – but when should you start conducting them and how is it done?

When Should You Schedule a Mammogram?

A mammogram potentially saves your life. It’s recommended to have a mammogram every two years beginning at 50 years of age for women at average risk. Breast cancer becomes more treatable and curable when it is discovered in its early stages.

Higher risk women should be completing a mammogram at an earlier age. Risk factors include elements you both can and can’t change. Risks include age, gene defects, dense breast tissue, obesity, race, and more. Women are considered “higher risk” when they have a family history of breast cancer, contain a genetic mutation such as BRCA, and have had radiation therapy to the chest before the age of 30. It’s also recommended higher risk women complete a mammogram annually rather than bi-annually.

Scheduling Your Mammogram

You can schedule a mammogram at one of two Memorial Healthcare locations: The Memorial Diagnostic Center at 100 Health Park Drive or at the main hospital location at 826 W. King in Owosso.

At Memorial Healthcare, high-resolution images of your internal breast tissue are taken and examined by a board certified radiologist. An R2 Mammography Computer Aided Diagnosis system also analyzes the images, acting as a second set of eyes to increase the detection rate of small lesions.