At Memorial Healthcare, we strive to serve the whole patient. Because it’s their quality of life that is crucially important to their present and future, every decision we make about their care keeps this in mind. After all, compassion is at our core.

Oncological Diagnosis Is Emotional
All diagnosis are rooted in emotion. From learning of a common cold or broken limb, there is often relief in simply “knowing.” Cancer diagnosis is different, and one that our oncology department is best equipped to deliver.

I’m working with a patient, and I suspect that cancer is part of their diagnosis…

  • Using the Oncology Department’s Nurse Navigator, connect with our team. We’ll discuss your patient concerns with the provider, and take a “whole person” or multi-disciplinary approach to their care.
  • Together, we’ll determine the appropriate next steps for patient testing and diagnosis, and how this should be navigated.
  • Together, we’ll transition into treatment discussions, and shepherd our patients through the process, inclusive of other work of the primary care physician.

In doing this, our patients are assured that they will receive the most compassionate care possible. As they transition to long-term treatments or surgical recommendations, the primary care physician is present and involved. We take a whole-person approach to our care, and look forward to working with you!