Each year lung cancer accounts for more deaths than colon, breast, and prostate cancers combined. With it being Lung Cancer Awareness Month, we’re joining the coalition of efforts to raise awareness and improve outcomes for lung cancer patients everywhere.

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death among both men and women. One in sixteen people will be diagnosed with lung cancer and 400-plus people die from it every day. Ten to fifteen percent of lung cancer cases are people who never smoked. Only 18% of all diagnosed with lung cancer survive five years or longer – however, when it’s caught early before it spreads, the chance for a five-year survival drastically improves.

It’s the push for lung cancer screenings that captures much of the spotlight during Lung Cancer Awareness Month. It’s recommended that smokers between the ages of 55-80 years undergo annual lung cancer screenings. The International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer notes numerous advancements are being made in identifying high-risk individuals and technology is emerging to better realize cancer potential among patients.

“LUNGevity” is a lung cancer-focused nonprofit foundation that aims to change the outcomes for people with the disease through research, education, and support. While the rate of new lung cancer cases has fallen the last few decades, that doesn’t dissuade a push in awareness-building, messaging efforts. LUNGevity promotes stories of survivors. It’s the sharing of voices among people with lung cancer and their loved ones, caregivers, and anyone else interested in reducing the disease’s mortality rates, inspiring hope, and tackling lung cancer issues. Follow the #changelc hashtag on social media to view lung cancer stories and journeys that provide hope and education – and if you are part of the lung cancer community, whether as a patient, know a loved one with it, or caretaker, join the conversation and be active in Lung Cancer Awareness Month.

It’s time to stomp out lung cancer. Participate in Lung Cancer Awareness Month by learning about the disease, telling your story, trying to quit smoking, or donating to the cause.

Learn more about the Memorial Cancer Center, which provides area residents sophisticated technology and expertise, by clicking here.