There’s a cavalcade of emotions following the discovery that you’re pregnant. Happiness, excitement, surprise, bewilderment, worry can all manifest simultaneously. You can feel empowered, you can feel anxious, you can feel overwhelmed – more so when it’s your first time, too. There’s a multitude of tasks to complete upon learning you are pregnant. Below are some first steps to take when that initial emotional whirlwind finally subsides.

First things first: find your doctor. Pregnancy initiates numerous doctor appointments so you want to find a good match. You’ll want to kick off your pregnancy journey with your first prenatal appointment, which typically occurs around the eight-week mark. You’ll want a doctor you are compatible with, as pregnancy is a long and occasionally stressful journey. You’ll want a doctor who explains things clearly and fully and demonstrates an interest in you. Learn more about Memorial Healthcare’s women’s care physicians here.

With a doctor locked-in, you may feel the urge to make the big announcement. These announcements come with much fanfare these days, through clever social media posts and videos. It’s a fun thing that can get your creative urge going – but take your time and wait awhile. It’s recommended to wait until after the first trimester to make an announcement. The baby is at its most vulnerable state in the first trimester. The chance of a miscarriage drops down to 10% after the first trimester. It’s safer to wait to reveal the news.

Also, prepare to severely step up your planning ahead capabilities when you are pregnant. Finance is one of the more critical planning items in this case. How your finances are doled out will change in a major way. Start figuring out what you can save now and get an idea of what you’ll be spending once the baby arrives. A less stressful item to plan? Baby names! Better get brainstorming.

So, you’ve found your doctor, you’ve become a planning machine, and now you must become a healthy lifestyle enthusiast. When you’re pregnant it behooves you (and your baby!) to become much more conscious about your health. Eat a healthy pregnancy diet, start a pregnancy-friendly exercise routine, and make sure you are getting plenty of sleep. Healthier lifestyles are always important, but there should be added motivation now that you are living for two.

Pregnancy is an exciting time, but it requires extensive responsibility. Don’t hesitate to ask your doctor with any question that may arise.

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