Face it, most of us spend more time at work than anywhere else. So it is important to have a workplace that is comfortable, ignites your passion and gives you a sense of fulfillment. This is especially important in a busy hospital setting, but can be challenging to achieve – requiring a team that is committed to supporting all employees from top to bottom.

Creating and maintaining this environment requires a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Something as simple as a “hello” to your fellow employees can radiate the hallways with care. Building a strong community requires effort, but can easily become habit.

This daily networking improves culture for both employees and the patients they treat. Being patient-focused starts with being employee-focused. Open communication is a critical component of any team or work environment. If you’re having issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to your manager or even upper management. You should feel empowered to be an advocate for yourself, your team, and your patients. Improvements cannot be made until the issue has been brought to light.

It is also important to remember, a good work environment is one that can be productive while having fun and connecting with the community – inside and outside of the hospital. Participating in events – like the Senior Expo, family movie outings, Art Bra Reception, picnics, and other staff or community activities – are important culture cultivators for the hospital.

Here at Memorial Healthcare, we are committed to creating a healthy, productive, and fulfilling working environment for all employees. While you care for your patients, Memorial Healthcare wants to make sure it’s taking care of you.

What is a good working environment to you? We encourage feedback and strive for transparency in return. For Memorial Healthcare to be the heartbeat of the community, it needs its employees to be the heartbeat of the hospital.  When you’re cared for, the patients are cared for.