Healthcare Human Resources Week

March 13, 2018

The week of March 11 – 17, 2018, recognizes the important part human resource professionals in healthcare organizations across the nation play in keeping their organizations running smoothly.  This annual celebration highlights the roles of healthcare HR professionals and the many challenges and responsibilities they face each day.

Healthcare HR professionals are the heart of any organization.  They play a critical role in recruiting top talent, managing employee benefits, and payroll, creating a workplace environment where employees feel secure, assisting in performance management and providing ongoing training and development to ensure a culture of employee success.  Healthcare HR professionals take great pride in creating healthier work environments for employees.  These people make a difference each and every day in the recognition and development of employees throughout the Memorial Healthcare hospital.

This week is a great opportunity to recognize and celebrate the Human Resources department for making Memorial Healthcare a great place to work.  From recruiting top talent to managing employee benefits, Memorial Healthcare’s Human Resource team works to support every employee at Memorial Healthcare. Please join us as we reach out to thank these unsung heroes for all they do to make our organization a success.