If They Don’t Do Their Work, You Can’t Do Yours | Peggy’s Story

October 25, 2016

Peggy Cummings often found herself inside Memorial Healthcare’s walls before even gaining employment here. As a mother of three living in Owosso, she endured multiple trips to the emergency room.

“All three of my boys have been through the emergency room. Multiple times. They are boys,” she says amid laughter.

Of all the trips, one specifically stands out, however. Her youngest son fell ill with a high fever. Unable to get the fever down, she brought him to the Memorial Healthcare emergency room. She says he was taken in right away and was quickly diagnosed with scarlet fever.

She fondly remembers Dr. Bishop’s tactful care to her littlest. There was a struggle to get the IV into his little hand, but she says Dr. Bishop was incredibly patient and compassionate.

“It meant a lot to me,” she says. “It put me at ease.”

Having been in and out of Memorial Healthcare she always admired the hospital’s respectful treatment and passionate care. When she saw an opportunity to be part of that team, she went for it. A short three months ago, Peggy joined the Memorial Healthcare team as a housekeeper. And that passion she saw as a visitor remained evident from her employment’s beginning.

“The passion that the doctors have with patients,” she says when asked about what stands out so far. “Everyone looks out for each other.”

As a housekeeper, Peggy traverses through the entire hospital with an integral role: cleaning. To provide a stellar patient experience, it starts with the hospital’s appearance. It’s why Peggy takes her job seriously. Every room she cleans, she must rid of the bacteria before another patient enters.

“If we don’t do our job, they can do theirs,” she says, referencing the nurses and doctors. “That’s the teamwork. It’s a giant circle of love.”

Despite only working at Memorial for a few months, Peggy performs passionately and has yet to have a negative experience. She notices much like the Owosso community, Memorial Healthcare is supportive.

“I would recommend anyone to come here and work, or come as a patient,” she says. “Everyone is passionate.”

“And I plan to work here a long time,” she playfully adds amid laughter as she turns and directly speaks into the camera that was filming her.