Let’s Go Back to 95 Years Ago…

August 24, 2016

As World War I soldiers, sailors, marines, and nurses returned home to Owosso and Shiawassee County in March of 1920, the community rallied behind these heroes. At this time ground was also broken for Memorial Healthcare, a modern hospital that would serve as a monument to those who served in the war.

The need for a modern hospital in the area was first identified by community stakeholders a decade prior, and stakeholders prioritized its construction. On May 1, 1921, Memorial officially opened with 16 patients.

When the $210,000 structure opened, it was described as a place imposing in appearance, complete in every detail and equipped to the minute, as near fireproof as human mind and hand could make it. It was built for service.

The hospital’s first patients ranged in ages 5 to 74, and included surgery patients, war veterans, and medical patients. At the time of its opening, four-bed rooms cost $2.50 per day and two-bed rooms were $3.50. In the hospital’s first year of operation, its attending staff featured 50 doctors located throughout the county.

The hospital was built at the time to ensure future additions could be made as necessary. That foresight proved beneficial, as Memorial Healthcare has grown tremendously from its initial roots.

Now resting upon 26 acres, Memorial Healthcare grew to become a 150-bed hospital replete with a comprehensive emergency room, two urgent care centers, outpatient rehab centers, satellite primary care, specialty medical offices, and an advanced endoscopy center.

With 1,100 team members, Memorial Healthcare is now Shiawassee County’s largest employer. More than 191,000 outpatients, 28,000 emergency room patients, and 3,500 inpatients are now served annually.

Since its inception, much of Memorial Healthcare’s growth is attributed to its employees’ dedication to their patients and community.

Be proud of your history, and be proud of your work. Ninety-five years is a long time for such consistent care and dedication. The work you’re doing now is laying the tracks for another 95 years.