Memorial Healthcare Enhances Patient Care with Addition of LIV IQ

January 30, 2017

A recent, thrilling addition to Memorial Healthcare’s repertoire is Linde Healthcare’s LIV IQ, a technologically savvy gas cylinder. Technological advancements are improving daily lives, and that includes the healthcare fields. 

The Liv IQ is a gas cylinder with a digital flow and time display that denotes how much time is in left in the oxygen tank down to the exact minute. It provides improved mobile oxygen therapy by bringing it into the digital age. The tank’s digital display is prominent and easy to read, showing the flow in liters per minute along with clearly indicated condition icons. It also contains visible and audible alerts that appear in critical situations. The large digital display helps give healthcare professionals a peace of mind, as it provides safe guidance throughout treatment. Rather than spending time monitoring cylinder contents, we are able to concentrate more on the patient.

These tanks can be implemented into numerous situations, including our recovery rooms, during patient transportation, and even our home-care patients. 

The cylinders are also compatible for use during MR imaging. They are lightweight, available in multiple sizes, and cater to all treatment environments and patient needs. This addition will truly transform the patient experience at Memorial Healthcare.

Memorial Healthcare strives to offer patients the best experience possible. The addition of these tanks definitely helps with that, as Memorial becomes the second hospital in the entire country to provide them.