Memorial Healthcare Excels in Immunization Delivery to Michigan Communities

January 16, 2019

Memorial Healthcare is the first hospital in the State of Michigan to implement the innovative AccuVax® Management System in four of its ambulatory practices, with additional units being implemented at the beginning of 2019. Memorial Healthcare is at the forefront of Michigan healthcare providers by introducing AccuVax Vaccine Management System, a state-of-the-art vaccine management system that ensures patients only receive vaccines at their optimal potency and maximum integrity and automates vaccine monitoring and handling

Memorial Healthcare is recognized as a national model for excellence in personalized healthcare. They are focused on providing high-quality compassionate health care throughout Michigan. By replacing their conventional vaccine refrigerators and freezers with AccuVax, Memorial Healthcare ensures vaccines being stored at ideal temperature, ensuring they are protected and their integrity is maintained for effective immunizations because of its unique door-less design and built in battery backup for unplanned power   outages.

AccuVax has also reduced non-clinical, vaccine inventory and monitoring requirement needs previously performed daily by the Memorial Healthcare staff and managers. From automatic inventory tracking to reporting temperatures to Michigan Vaccines for Children (VFC), the AccuVax system is freeing up staff time at Memorial sites. Lynn Howes, RN, Care Manager of Memorial Healthcare states, “I trust AccuVax to handle our vaccine inventory and monitoring, which allows more time to deliver higher patient care.”

The on-going amount of effort to protect and manage vaccines is well known to Lynn. “With AccuVax, the potency of our vaccines is optimally protected. In addition, with the systems inventory management tools, we can streamline our practice processes and reduce time dedicated on vaccine management,” says Lynn, “AccuVax gives all our practice staff the peace of mind that we are putting patients first.”