Memorial Healthcare Offering Free Cancer Screenings

October 25, 2017

If you watched some football recently you likely witnessed the unveiling of the league’s new campaign for October – Crucial Catch.

Previously focusing on breast cancer, this year the league is promoting awareness for all cancers and the critical importance of getting screened. Early detection is crucial with cancer, so getting screened despite a lack of symptoms is a good idea. Screenings can catch growths that can be removed before they have a chance to turn into cancer or find it early enough where treatment is easier.

Memorial Healthcare happily announces free cancer screenings for Saturday, November 4th at 9 a.m. inside the Medical Arts building at 721 N. Shiawassee Street. Screenings offered are clinical breast exam, prostate, and skin. All screenings are performed by our dedicated oncology physician specialists.

There are some guidelines to follow if you’re unsure about needing a screening. For breast cancer screenings, women should begin yearly screenings by age 45, until age 55 when they can become bi-annual. Meanwhile, men should start screenings at age 50 when at average risk of developing prostate cancer. For skin cancer screenings, people with a family history of the disease should consider undergoing a test, along with people experiencing atypical moles.

While the screenings are free we do ask you to register ahead of time. You can register by calling 989-729-6422. Walk-ins will be accepted up until an hour before closing. Memorial Healthcare’s Community Cancer Screenings are provided in conjunction with Memorial Healthcare Foundation, Silver Stars, and the Community Cancer Fund.

The Memorial Cancer Center offers area residents a facility that serves thousands of people each year. Its services are provided in a unique healing environment designed for wellness, hope, and possibilities. Learn more about the Cancer Center here.

If you believe you’re at higher risk for cancer yet have shown little to no symptoms, don’t miss this opportunity to make a potential crucial catch.