Memorial Healthcare Treats Patients Like Family, Because Many Times They Are | Krystal’s Story

October 10, 2016

Krystal Squires grew up in Phoenix, but her family is originally from Owosso. In Phoenix, she was employed at a large hospital. Upon having a daughter, she decided she wanted her to grow up near family – so the move to Owosso was made.

She immediately noticed how welcoming Owosso and Memorial Healthcare were.

“It was very welcoming to work here,” she says. “Coming here, everyone was so friendly from the beginning.”

Krystal joined the Memorial Healthcare team in 2007. Since her arrival, she’s completed a college degree and held numerous different positions at the hospital. She says she’s only applied for positions within the hospital as she works to advance her career.

“It makes it more valuable to work here at Memorial because they invest in you as an employee,” she says. “That’s the drive to stay here: the community feel.”

For the past seven years of employment, she’s worked in the cancer center, and is currently the Clinical Team Lead. Her drive to work in the cancer center began when her grandma was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

“I remember there was a time I had to cover someone [in the cancer center], and it was a day my grandma was in the office,” she says. “I really enjoyed seeing the family feel that they gave.”

Krystal notes that the family feel comes intrinsically to Memorial Healthcare because of its “small-town” location.

“Everybody does treat the patients like they are family and a lot of times it is,” she says. “I see it’s somebody’s father, somebody’s aunt. But it doesn’t make a difference if it’s somebody I don’t know. From getting them in, to giving them care, they are treated like family.”

There’s a deep connection between employee and patient at Memorial Healthcare. Krystal says it’s not that there was a disconnect she felt from patients in Phoenix or that she didn’t care for them – it’s just at Memorial the connection crosses a more profound threshold. Interacting with the patients isn’t solely confined with Memorial’s walls. The patients she treats she sees at the grocery store, or at the schools. They are part of her community both inside and out the hospital.

“These are literally your neighbors you are taking care of,” she says. “Treat your neighbors like you’d want to be treated is how Memorial treats patients. The community rallies around the patients.”

Krystal credits this deep connection as a great way to stay accountable. As a Memorial Healthcare employee, she’s not solely treating the patients at the hospital, but conversing and interacting with them around town. She finds that the connection and support aren’t one-sided, either.

“The patients support you just as much as you support the patients,” she says. “I do shows at the community theater, and I have patients come to them because they know I’m in it.”