To help ease concerns about how to cover the ever-increasing number of out-of-pocket medical expenses, Memorial Healthcare offers a special program called CarePayment®. It is available for anyone who needs extra time to pay their hospital bills or bills for doctor visits at our Memorial Medical Associate offices.

This extended-term, interest-free financing program provides another option besides traditional payment methods of cash, check or credit card to help you create a plan that better suits your personal budget.

The CarePayment program is available to all patients age 18 or older with a valid social security number, regardless of employment or credit history. There is no approval or application process. You will receive a special CarePayment card and can add additional charges to your account as long as you are current with your monthly payments.

The benefits of the CarePayment program include:

  • 0% fixed interest rate for the life of the account
  • Ability to pay your balance over a 25-month period
  • Low minimum monthly payments: 4% of your highest balance or $25, whichever is greater
  • Consolidation of multiple balances into one monthly payment

Once your balance is set up on the CarePayment program, you can make your monthly payments directly to CarePayment via mail, phone or online (at no extra charge).

For information on the CarePayment program and how to take advantage of this plan, call the Customer Service department at 989.720.2000.