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Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C can become chronic, life-long infections which can lead to Liver Cancer. Millions of Americans are living with Chronic Viral Hepatitis, and many do not know they are infected.

The only way to know if you have Hepatitis B or C is to get tested.  Hepatitis testing should be performed by your family medicine provider. If a positive diagnosis is determined, Memorial Healthcare is pleased to announce hepatitis treatment services are now available, with a physician’s referral, at the Memorial Gastroenterology Center in Owosso. Based on recommendations of the Gastroenterologist, treatment may be initiated.

Who Should be Tested? – Hepatitis B

  • Anyone having a sexual contact with an infected person
  • Anyone having multiple sex partners
  • Anyone having a sexually transmitted disease
  • Men who have sexual encounters with other men
  • Anyone who has injected drugs or shared needles
  • Anyone who lives with a person who has Hepatitis B
  • Anyone on Hemodialysis
  • Anyone exposed to blood on the job
  • Anyone born to a mother with Hepatitis B
  • Anyone who is of Middle Eastern descent or Asian descent or those who have traveled to those countries

Who Should be Tested? – Hepatitis C

  • Anyone who has injected drugs, even just once or many years ago
  • Anyone with certain medical conditions, such as chronic liver disease, HIV and AIDS
  • Anyone who has received donated blood or organs before 1992
  • Anyone born from 1945 through 1965
  • Anyone with abnormal liver tests or liver disease
  • Health and safety workers who have been exposed to blood on the job through a needle-stick or injury with a sharp object
  • Anyone on Hemodialysis
  • Anyone born to a mother with Hepatitis C