We are thankful to be able to partner with parents as they raise their children. Our goal is to work alongside parents to prepare their children for success. We help parents set development benchmarks that we will work on both in class and at home. With busy schedules, we want parents to know Memorial Childcare Academy stands ready to fill the gaps as parents raise their children.

The Memorial Childcare Academy is now enrolling students from birth through 12 years of age at our new facility located in North Owosso! Scheduled to be open in August 2023, we will be fully licensed by the State of Michigan and offer students:

  • Child care for infants (6-weeks of age) through age 12
  • Discounts for multiple children
  • DHHS subsidy accepted (we can work with you to determine eligibility)
  • An active, educational, exploratory learning environment
  • Caring, compassionate, fully-vetted child care providers
  • Reduced child-to-teacher ratios than competitors
  • Curriculum-based learning with graduate level teachers
  • A brand-new child-friendly, safe atmosphere
  • Secure drop-off and pick-up
  • Meals and snacks planned by a Registered Dietitian
  • Registered Nurse visits
  • Arts and crafts
  • Camera access for parents
  • And more!

Click here for an informational flyer and pricing structure.

To learn more, contact us at (989) 720-2152 , send an email to AGrass@MemorialHealthcare.org, or click the below link to enroll. This link will take you to the Heritage Hollow Procare link.  If you are having trouble with the email link on your computer, please copy and paste the email address into your email program.

Corporate Memberships

Labor shortages continue to plague business growth. Access to early childhood care has become a crisis for Michigan’s workforce with over 700 daycare centers closing in 2021. Retaining staff and recruiting new talent is a problem that many companies have had to address. We offer businesses the opportunity to enroll into our Corporate Childcare Membership program which guarantees daycare, preschool, and afterschool openings for current and future employees at discounted rates. To learn more, contact (989) 720-2152 or send an email to AGrass@MemorialHealthcare.org. If you are having trouble with the email link on your computer, please copy and paste the email address into your email program.

Please click here for a full press release on our new facility!

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"My son started at Heritage Hollow when it first opened at the beginning of the year at Memorial Healthcare. Both my husband and I are employees of Memorial Healthcare so having a place to take our child while on the way to work is the most convenient thing ever. From the Teachers to all the staff they have made us feel welcomed and involved since day one. There are always educational and fun activities planned that not just our son enjoys, but all the children. We really appreciate the updates through their app throughout the day, showing us what he is up to. Our son is also a type 1 diabetic so the care on a day-to-day basis is a little different than most, but again, nothing but understanding from all the staff. They have all taken the time to learn and educate themselves on our son's needs and ALWAYS put my mind at ease when I have a question or to check in and see how his day is going. There is nothing better in this world to know your child is safe and taken care of throughout the day when you're at work. We truly have the best child care!" – Kolby Munro

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Fully Licensed Childcare Available at Memorial Childcare Academy

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