Strong Support Creates Better Care | Tyler Yaklin’s Story

October 13, 2016

You never know what’s going to come through the emergency room doors. It could be a heart attack patient, someone who was just in an accident, or a severe head injury. Some days are hectic and others can be slow. Each day is a blank slate with new challenges. And for Tyler Yaklin, he must manage it all.

Tyler started at Memorial Healthcare as a Float Nurse, four-and-a-half years ago after a stint at a large trauma center elsewhere in Michigan. He joined Memorial seeking a stronger connection.

“I just didn’t feel at home when I worked there,” he says. “Memorial is close to home, part of my community, my family comes here for care, and I really wanted to be apart of that.”

Tyler exuberantly details the constant smiles you see and “hellos” you hear when traversing Memorial Healthcare’s hallways. He describes it as a friendly environment that he became attached to instantly.

“You don’t get that at other places,” he says.

As a Float Nurse, Tyler operated anywhere in the hospital, interacting with all types of patients. He says starting out as a Float Nurse enabled him to gain better perspective on the scope of services and care Memorial Healthcare offers.

Tyler was influenced to become a nurse by his mother, whom is also a nurse. He knew early on he wanted to help people like his mother does.

“I do what I do because I love taking care of people, plain and simple,” he says. “I didn’t want to work on machines or robots. I wanted to take care of people and get the satisfaction and joy I get out of seeing people get better because of what I do.”

Now serving as the Emergency Department Nurse Manager, Tyler is still taking care of people, except now it’s the caregivers themselves, so they can in turn better take care of the patients. He says starting as a Float Nurse made the transition to the administrative side easier, because he had previously spent time with the nurses in that department.

“Not only do I know how to care for every type of patient, but I also know people who work in every department,” he says. “That allows me to build relationships and help our patients out a lot.”

He enjoys the variability of care within the emergency room, which is the lone ER in the county.

“My emergency room team, I truly believe, is the best group here at the hospital,” he says. Their day varies. It makes them great that they never know what’s going to go through that door. They have to be prepared to take care of any patient, at any time, and that makes them an excellent team.”

Tyler also credits Memorial Healthcare’s size and accessibility as factors that eased his administrative transition. He says he’s always able to meet and work through concerns or things that need to happen to make patient care better with the CEO and CNO.

“It allows me to take any issue I’ve identified and present a solution to the administration,” he says. “Our CNO really backs us and allows us to implement patient care strategies. Because of the support I get, it allows me to better support my nursing staff, which has a direct correlation to better patient care.”

Tyler feels at home at Memorial and his passion for the hospital and its employees is evident.

“I want everybody to know Memorial Healthcare is a great asset,” he says. “It’s a community hospital that offers services most community hospitals don’t offer. And we do that in a very excellent way.”