October 22, 2018

End the Stigma on Mental Illness

Each year millions of Americans face the reality of living with a mental health condition.  Whether it is you or someone you know, it can be scary for an individual to realize that they may be dealing with a mental health condition.  Without a supportive network, living with a mental health condition can lead to loneliness and isolation.  During the first full week of October, Mental Illness Awareness Week is observed.  This week is an opportunity to spread awareness, end stigma, speak openly about mental health, and call for increased access to mental health services.

According to National Alliance on Mental Illness, there are currently 60 million people in the United States living with a mental illness.  However, fewer than half receive treatment because of the stigma of public perception.  Stigma is toxic to mental health because it creates an environment of fear, shame and silence that prevents many people from seeking help and treatment.

Although the public’s perception of a person dealing with a mental illness continues to move in a positive direction, there are still many people who do not treat mental illnesses with compassion and understanding.  During Mental Illness Awareness Week, join Memorial Healthcare in shining a light on mental illness by encouraging compassion, empathy and understanding.  Having a mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of.  It’s okay not to be okay.

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