Jaime Abudaya
Dr. Rany Aburashed and Dr. Sarra Brinjiksi
Janet Ackley
Linda Albertson
Tim and Patricia Alderman
Dr. Azmy Allam and Mrs. Walaa Awad
Janice Andersen and Mike Wolfe
Shana Andres
April Archer
Michael and Rebecca Ardelean
Sherene Ariss
Michael and Lisa Ash
Larry Atteberry
Joan E. Aue
Jeanie Azuh
Jennifer Bagwell
Barbara Baker-Omerod
Stephanie Banghart
Terry and Jeff Barancik
Mr. and Mrs. James Barb
Cary and Mandy Bashore
Gerald and Elaine Bendis
Ann Marie Bentley
Jeremy Bernhardt
Carol Berthume-Castle
Alan and Jamie Betz
Dr. Ronald and Beverly Bishop
Heidi Blaha
John and Rita Bouwman
Tammie Bowers
Brian and Ursula Brady
Dr. and Mrs. Gary L. Branch D.O.
Thomas Branson
Gerald and Joyce Bremer
Karen Brettrager
Mr. Thomas S. Bridges, Attorney At Law
James Briggs
Alissa Britten
Ginny and Lyle Brooks
Rose and William Brown
Jose’  and Nancy Brown
Bernard and Rose Brown
Gene and Laura Brown
Dr. Anthony Brune
Frank and Jennifer Bucholtz
Almos Dezsi and Dr. Maria Budai
Nikki Bukovick
Bennie Rae Burton
Wendy Bush
Dr. Joseph and Susan Bustamante
Robin Cannon
Julie Carlton
Charles and Linda Carr
Elizabeth Cerny
Diantha Chapman
Michael and Billi Chapman
Rebecca Chargo
Dr. Mario and Erin Chaves
Mindy Christman
James and Cynthia Civille
Frank Madaski and Paula Clarizio
Roger and Dana Clark
Hon. James and Barbara Clatterbaugh
Barbara Clatterbaugh
Tina Coffman
Paul and Laurie Cook
Winfield Cooper
Tyler Corbin
Beverly Cords
Krista Corl
Dr. Jeanie Cote
Lisa Criner
Amanda Cromwell
Steven Cupples
Dr. Daniel Williams and Diane Cutler
Dr. Gregory Dardas
Kortnee Davis
Kevin and Laurie Davis
Kirk DeFrenn
Vickie Dixon
Bill and Janet Drake
Cheryl Dust-Cote
Paul and Pam Early
Dr. Carolyn Ebert and Dr. Richard Ebert
Connie Edwards
Amber Eickholt
Marla Ekola
Dr. Ashraf Elbanna
Connie and Ronald Ellenberg
John Emerson
Kathleen Epley
Michael and Stavroula Erfourth
Dale Espich
Nicole Etchison
Bill and Mariann Farrell
Frank and Janae Fear
Amy Ferrell
Charles Filkins
Darlene Franklin
Gordon and Donna Freeman
Greg and Lyn Freeman
Dr. Margaret R. Frey and Mr. Jeffrey A. Frey
Bonnie Friend
Megan and Matt Friend
John and Amanda Garrison
Deb and William Gilbert
Mike and Lisa Gilna
Vickey Gingrass
Elizabeth Gitchell
Benjamin and Miriam Glardon
Elizabeth Goodsell
Carissa Gray
Paul Grill Estate  of
Terry and Margaret Gulick
Michael Hall
Teresa Hall
Janice Harper
James and Brenda Harrelson
Linda Harris
Calleen Harrison
William and Mary Hass
Rita Haughton
Jeff Hauk
Clint Hawks and Carrie Rathbun Hawks
Wendy Henderson
Cally and Judy Hendrick
Amy Hendrickson
Connie and Steve Henige
Dr. Juan and Carmen Hernandez
Elizabeth Hetych
Linda Hill
Jeanne Holden
David and Lisa Hood
Adele and Rick Horton
Andrea Howard
Troy and Lynn Howes
Jerri and Edward Hudson
Dr. David and Leeann Huff
Jacklyn Hurd
Eric Jacobs
Andrea Janes
Amanda Janicek
Dr. Rima Jibaly
James Jilek
John R. Schofnitz Trust
Sherry and Steven Johnson
Karen Johnson
Dr. Terrence and Elizabeth Johnson
Brenda and Robert Jordan
Lawrence and Dorothy Kadolph
Thomas Kalina
Konstance Kasimos
Samantha Katt
Meredith Keating
Peter and Judi Keay
Misha Keenan-Shazage
Katherine Kelly
Betty Kelsey
Terry and Linda Kemp
Dr. Catherine A. Kerschen
Dave and Sharon Kimble
Ken and Cynthia King
Colleen and Tony Koppenhaver
Marian Kovarik
Michael Kovich
Dr. Michael B. Kramer and Nick Tereck
Nicki Krawczyk
Kevin and Janea Kregger
Elaine and John Kuchar
William and Pamela Kuechenmeister
Dr. Ramy Kurdi
Thomas and Athena Kurtz
Dr. Jessica L. LaForest
Lynn Larson
Jacqueline Lauderdale
Christine Lawrence
Julie Lawrence
Bethany Lawrence
Cara B. Leahy
Charles and Dawn Lecureux
Kendra Leigh
Cathy Lennon
Ruthann and Philip Liagre
Marsha Liddle-Lameti
Donna Lockwood
David and Margaret Loffelman
Brian and Jannea Long
Lori Luchenbill
Michael and Lori Luchenbill
Pieter Lugt and Barbara Gurden, D.O.
Estate of Dr. John F. Mac Gregor
Sarah Mahoney
Aaron and Shanna Maike
Abbie Majzel
Joseph and Lynnea Malatinsky
Trish Manke
Mary and Michael Mankey
Renee’ Marble
Dr. Amit Masih
Mary Maurer
Amanda Maurer
David Maurer
Joseph and Becky Maurice
Drs. Kennedy and Carissa May
Krystal McCoy
Tyler and Andrianna McGeehan
Joelle and Patrick McGuire
Cindy McKay
Kathy McKean
Sarah McNamara
Robert Meihls
Gerald Menefee
JoAnn Messmer
Jason and Carrie Miculka
Judith Mihalik
Lyda Miller
Daniel J. Mills
Miscellaneous Donations
Tom and Margie Moorehead
Thomas and Margie Moorhead
Sandra and Dan Morrill
Joseph Munroe
Barbara and David Nagengast
James and Patricia Nemeth
Matthew Obryant
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Oliver
Dr. Robert Pace
Terek Pacha
Cheryl and Alonzo Paez
Dr. Joseph and Linda Palazeti
Pam Papiez
Lester and Barbara Pappas
Jennifer Passow
Dr. Anthony and Dr. Renee Patsy
Bethany Pavon
Dr. and Mrs. Khajorn Phiungkeo
Mary Piper
Alicia Powell
Janet Pritchett
Dr. Ernesto and Rosa Quiachon, PH.D.
Dr. Shannon and Sara Radgens
Erin Randolph
Jennifer Reinhardt
Marcia Rigoulot
Jaime Ritter
Theresa and Kenneth Robbins
Lonnie Rodriguez
Patricia M. Root
Debora Rose
Brandy Rosenfeldt
Douglas and Wendy Rowden
Cathy Rowell
David and Lori Rowlison
Jeanie Rye
Dr. Ali Saeed
Drs. Wael and Reem Salman
Sharon Sampson
Lyn Sanderson
Carmen Santiago-Hernandez
Theresa Sarrazin
Gretchen Schattilly
Paul and Cynthia Schluckebier
Dr. Michael P. Schmidt
Peggy and John Schnepp
Randolph Scripter
JaneE Sego
Michael Selleck
Kristen Shackelford
Sarah Shaft
Maurice and Pamela Shattuck
Gerald Urick and Patricia Shaw-Urick
Sharon Sheppard
Sarah Sherman
Susan Sigafoose
Mrs. Dawn M. Sirekis N.P.
Jean Smeets
Sarah Smeets
Megan and Jason Smith
Jessica Smith
Carol Anne Smith
Jeannette and John Smith
Mrs. Jacklyn Snyder
Janice Sprague
Brian and Tamara Springsdorf
Teresa Starkweather
Megan Stasa
Joshua Stasa
Shelia Steinke
Jake Stevens
Reverends Ray and Laura Lee Strawser
Dr. Douglas Strong and Mary Jo Damm-Strong
Guy and Marianne Stuart
Helen Stump
Heather Sugden
Melinda Sutter
Janaya Swarthout
Mary Ellen Symons
Dr. Thomas Teal and Dr. Jeannine Hopfensperger
Nick Tereck
Judy and Al Teuber
Diana and Frank Thaler
Kalina Thomas
Charles Thompson
Constance Thornburg
Jorri and Eric Tremain
Laura Underwood
Hector and Darlene Valdez
Debbie Van Horn
Michelle Van Sice
Barbara Vanderhoof
Holly VanDeusen
Christy Verity
Jodie Vorwerck
Rene’ Walters
Ms. Jennifer Walton
Travis Watkins
Dr. Patrick Wegman
Patrick A. Wegman II
Philip and Mary Welch
Daniel and Julie Wenzlick
Jeannette Whalen
Melissa Wheeler
Chad and Heidi White
Jennifer Wilkinson
Janelle Willis
Jackie Wirth
Elaine Wood-Pratt
Marzia N. Woodside
Tyler Yaklin
Elaine Zimmerman
Laura and Steven Zyber


Advanced ICU
Airfoil Public Relations, Inc
Alderman’s Inc.
Alliance-HNI, LLC
Allied Universal Technology Services
Alvin M. Bentley Foundation
Baker College of Owosso
Brady Legal Services
Byron Area Schools
Card Solutions, Inc.
Case Architecture
CLH Insurance Agency/Auto-Owners Insurance
Cline, Cline & Griffin, PC
Commerce Trust Company
Cook Family Foundation
Covenant HealthCare
Coverys Community Healthcare Foundation
DayStarr Communications
Edmund London & Associates
Fortitude Farms
Four Seasons Gift Shop
Gilbert’s Hardware and Appliance
Gordon Food Service
Indian Trails, Inc.
Institute of Neurosciences and Multiple Sclerosis
Integrated Pathology Associates
Kelly’s Refuse
Kroger Co. Michigan Division
Maurer Heating and Cooling
McLaren Flint
Memorial Healthcare Auxiliary
Mercantile Bank of Michgian
Meyer Electric
Mid-States Bolt & Screw Company
Midwest Bus Corporation
Murtle’s Handmade Chocolates
NBS Commercial Interiors
Nelson-House Funeral Homes
Owosso Firefighters I.A.F.F. Local 504
Parson Niles Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors
Physician Anesthesia Service, P.C.
Plante Moran
R. C. Hendrick & Son, Inc.
Redford Lock Security Solutions
Rehmann Company
Remer Plumbing ,Heating & Air Conditioning
Shiawassee Community Foundation
Smith Family Foundation
Smith Haughey Rice & Roegge
Sobaks Home Medical, Inc.
Spence Brothers
Star Stater
Subway of Owosso
TCF National Bank
The Argus-Press
The Schluckebier/Hood Wealth Management Group of Stifel Fin
Top Shelf Hospitality, LLC
United Way
Watkins Brothers Funeral Home
Young Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC, Inc.