What Memorial Healthcare Nurses Have to Say About Their Nursing Careers

May 9, 2017


The long shift concludes and you return home exhausted with sore feet and perhaps a profusion of emotions. Maybe it was a hard day; or maybe everything went right. You may now be home but your thoughts may still be with a patient. You give the job your all and you certainly feel it sometimes. But oh how you love it.

While the career features its difficult moments, the rewards are far more prevalent. Caring people are typically drawn to the extremely critical role of a nurse. And Memorial Healthcare is blessed to have numerous of these people within our hospital walls. The nurses you meet here speak with a clear passion about their job and openly express their love of caring for people. These people deserve constant recognition and gratitude – with it being National Nurses Week, we now shine extra light on these incredible individuals! Recently, we asked some of our nurses their thoughts about the job.

A common thread we found is the desire to care for others being the major initial draw to the profession. For some, it’s because growing up they often took care of their siblings or witnessed firsthand a nurse’s impact at some point. 

“I became nurse because when my daughter was born she had some medical problems,” said Kirk DeFrenn. “I saw the nurses’ impact on my daughter’s life and thought that was something I’d like to do with my life.”

While others just humorously seemed born for the job. 

“My parents joked that I could sit in front of a TV and watch all sorts of medical documentaries while eating a plate of spaghetti and it wouldn’t phase me at all,” said Abby Keesler. 

And some sought a challenge. 

“In nursing you learn something day to day,” said Neil Millar. “It’s intellectually challenging.” 

With learning something new day to day, each day presents new challenges and new interactions. Those interactions with patients is also a prime reason nurses love what they do.

“I like meeting people, I like getting to know their personality,” said Connie Priest. “You just get to know the patients and you find out you have things in common.” 

Nurses do get to know their patients while they are caring for them – and it’s a relationship in which nurses are truly invested.

“I love seeing people get better and be able to go home,” said Lisa Gilna.

Nurses can take a great deal away from even the smallest interactions. From being bedside to interacting with a patient’s family, nurses experience the forefront of humanity.  

“You realize how important every person is,” said Abby Keesler. 

Outside of caring for patients and interacting with them, working alongside fellow nurses also provide tremendous joy.

“I love working with nurses,” said Abby Keesler. “To be a nurse you have to have an oddball sense of humor.”

A culture of skillful nurses sets a favorable, motivating scene for Memorial Healthcare’s nurses. 

“We have a lot of great nurses here,” said Lisa Gilna. “It pushes me daily to do the best I can.”

Many nurses will tell you it’s a career that never gets boring. While it can feel fast-paced, there are moments where things seem to slow down, where a tiny interaction grows into a moment you cherish for a lifetime.

Memorial Healthcare is proud of our nurses, who are constantly trying to achieve perfection down to the smallest details. Memorial Healthcare thanks you.