Memorial Healthcare offers three phases of cardiac rehabilitation, pulmonary rehabilitation and our popular Health & Fitness Exercise Program which incorporates advanced cardiac rehabilitation into the overall program:

PHASE I: Preemptive Education

An inpatient education programs with an emphasis on progressive exercise and education. Patients are accepted into this program by referral. These patients have a diagnosis of angina, myocardial infarction (heart attack), or CHF (chronic heart failure).

PHASE II: Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase II

An outpatient program designed to serve the needs of patients with stable angina, post myocardial infarction, post coronary artery bypass, post balloon angioplasty, and post valve replacement. Patients are referred by a physician and the program consists of three sessions a week for between six and twelve weeks. Ask your physician about the benefits of this program or contact us at (989) 725-9424, ext. 1524 for more information.

Other Exercise Programs

The Heart & Fitness program is geared towards any individual wanting to improve their overall health and fitness.  Health and Fitness Program (Open to public – click to learn more!)

Memorial also offers a Mid-Day Movers group which is a specialized low-impact exercise session for people with limited range of motion and/or arthritis. For those with Multiple Sclerosis and/or Parkinson’s Disease, you may want to consider our MS & Parkinson’s Exercise Program.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

A Pulmonary Rehabilitation program is available which provides education and exercise sessions to aid in returning a person to functioning at their highest ability. Patients are accepted into the program by physician referral and will receive education in topics such as disease of the lungs, diet, medication and relaxation. Patients will have exercise sessions tailored to their abilities with the goal of increasing the amount of exercise done.