March 11-17 marks Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week! This week promotes the importance of Pulmonary Rehabilitation programs and the awesome work they do towards the health and well-being of patients with lung diseases.

Patients with a chronic lung disease depend on Respiratory Therapists and a specialized team of caregivers to help them improve their conditions through a combination of exercise, education, and support to advance their breathing and quality of life. Through pulmonary rehabilitation patients can learn to live normal lives despite their chronic lung conditions.

Pulmonary rehabilitation has three main goals:

  • Help your shortness of breath
  • Improve your quality of life
  • Improve your ability to do daily living activities

In order for patients to qualify for pulmonary rehabilitation, they must be referred by their doctor and have had a spirometry test performed within the past year that shows they have chronic lung disease.

Celebrate Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week and educate yourself about lung disease and the importance of pulmonary rehabilitation programs. If you or someone you know has a chronic lung disease, Memorial Healthcare offers patients rehabilitation services close to home. To learn more about Memorial Healthcare’s Pulmonary Rehabilitation program, by clicking here.