It’s a critically important relationship. Pregnancy can be a scary time, but the right doctor helps curtail that fear and keeps you on a healthy path. Find a doctor w

ith whom you can maintain an open, honest line of communication. A good doctor both happily and clearly answers any question you throw at them. And when you’re pregnant, oh boy will there be a lot of questions.

No question requires hesitation on your part. Fire away as no question is deemed silly in front of a good doctor. You can rely on them. You likely selected them because you trust them.  After your first check-up and the doctor asks, “any questions,” consider asking the below four if it had not been discussed.

Are there unsafe over-the-counter medications?  Monitoring what you are putting into your body is incredibly necessary when pregnant – and that includes medication. You may need to cease ingesting non-prescription medicine you occasionally take. Check with your doctor for a rundown of recommended OTC medications.

Are there any specific exercises to do? Devoted exercisers will likely be curious about this one. Physical activity remains important during pregnancy. Exercise keeps both you and your baby healthy while also easing pregnancy symptoms like water retention and anxiety. You’ll be surprised how many activities are safe even during pregnancy. Just think of Serena Williams winning the Australian Open while pregnant! Always checking with your doctor first if it’s is a good idea though – so bring it up!

What should weight gain expectations be? Talking weight is never fun nor comfortable – yet it’s a significant discussion to have with your doctor. Pregnancy weight gain is an important aspect to both you and your baby’s health. Weight gain varies woman to woman and your doctor can help establish a weight range you should throughout your entire pregnancy timeline.

How to help digestion?  Hormonal changes in pregnancy spur a decrease in your gastrointestinal system’s efficiency. This isn’t the most flattering subject to talk about but acid reflux and indigestion can become problems. A doctor can offer advice on how to combat constipation, like eating plenty of fiber and veggies.

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