Within Shiawassee County, 10% of the population is diagnosed with diabetes. In comparison, about 9% of the United States population has diabetes. Furthermore, millions and millions of people are living with it but don’t know they have it. Diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death, despite being one of the more underreported causes of death. It’s a serious disease that is fairly prominent among our population.

A diabetes diagnosis means consuming knowledge and making lifestyle alternations. Healthier foods and regular exercise become a must. You’ll have to monitor your blood sugar and undergo other frequent tests and checks.

This deluge of change can be overwhelming. It’s a life-altering process with the potential for fatal consequences. Finding support can provide ease during the transition.

Memorial Healthcare provides an array of support and counseling programs designated for those with diabetes.

There’s the Diabetes Self Management Learning Program, which is designed to assist those with diabetes or pre-diabetes to learn valuable self-management skills for controlling blood glucose levels and reducing risk of long-term complications.

Individuals with Type 1 and 2 diabetes will find this program illuminating, as it provides instruction and information on managing diabetes. There is also another meeting option: the 3rd Friday of each month at the Durand Senior Center at 1 p.m.  For more information, call 989.729.4712.

There’s also Outpatient Nutrition Counseling, which focuses on meal planning and lifestyle changes associated with diabetes. Nutrition counseling provides individuals with the ability to make informed decisions about their diet and gives the tools to control and manage their nutritional needs. The counseling is great for individuals, families, and caregivers. Call 989.729.4712 for more information.

Additionally, Memorial Healthcare is ecstatic about the recent addition of Dr. Mohammad Daoud, who will help advance diabetes and endocrinology care. He joins as our first-ever on-staff Endocrinologist and will expand our ability to services diabetes patients.

Support and education are absolutely needed upon a diabetes diagnosis. The right people and right knowledge makes the situation far more manageable.


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