Running around in the dark while all costumed up, knocking on neighbors’ doors, and receiving candy and treats is all in good fun, but there are some precautions to take. Halloween is a spooky good time for our children, so let’s keep it that way by reviewing some safety measures. We want people saying “boo” and not receiving “boos boos” and finding themselves at the hospital.

A solid starting point is planning your route. Stick with paths with which you’re familiar. By knowing your surroundings, you are creating a safer trick or treat route for you and your child. And if your kids are old enough to trek out on their own, know where they plan to go.

When you’re walking your route, you should also abstain from using your smartphone. Devices are a distraction and when you’re walking around in the dark you want to be completely aware of your surroundings. Additionally, equip yourself with flashlights or reflective gear so drivers can better spot you walking about.

There are also some safety precautions to take with your children’s costumes: Opt for face paint over a mask when possible so their sight lines are better, add reflective tape to the costume somewhere, make sure the costume fits correctly to prevent falls and slips, and ensure all costume props are flexible.

Even if you don’t have children trick or treating, there are things you can do so your neighbors experience a happy and safe Halloween. If you are passing out candy, have your porch light or street light on. If you are driving around on Halloween, take extra time looking for children at intersections, drive slowly, and eliminate distractions.

Halloween is a tasty adventure so let’s not spoil it through unsafe behavior. It’s a community effort to keep the community safe and that’s no different on Halloween. Prepare your children and talk with your neighbors about what you can do to make it a safe holiday for everyone.